Meghan S. Taylor


Coping Strategies for Music Performance Anxiety – Meditation

One of my biggest struggles with performance anxiety has been learning to quiet my internal monologue. This constant chatter is distracting and can quickly lead to negative self-talk. Practicing meditation in and out of the practice room has helped me to learn to refocus my mind during performance situations.

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Music Performance Anxiety - Introduction

My first time ever playing clarinet in studio class as a college freshman was a complete disaster. My inner pulse was inconsistent and rhythm lost all meaning, my hands and legs were shaking, and all I could hear was my own heart threatening to force it’s way out of my chest with each beat. As an undergraduate student, I spent a lot of time learning how to handle my performance anxiety.

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New Year New Blog

My goal for this blog is to share something weekly that interests me. These topics will vary from music to event planning, the clarinet, writing, photography, career development, and many more fascinating topics. 

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